Update Hp Oppo Android A35

Update Hp Oppo Android A35We liked the quick shooting at Gionee camera. The acquisition of focus in the daytime fast. Low light image quality is not the best. Video camera mode offers basic settings such as adjusting the video quality, exposure, scene modes and so on. It must be set before hand as when shooting You can only change the focus of touch. Let’s see how the camera performs. Battery life is a hallmark of Oppo A35 , and in the department I would be surprised if less performance.

I ran the standard test cycle 8 hours we involve 2 hours of YouTube video streaming, video playback, call and audio playback, and at the end of it all I still have about 68 per cent of remaining battery. I could almost do a loop test 8 hours throughout and still have some battery left. In the case of regular use, the phone easily lasted for two working days. It is bundled with 2A charger that helps to quickly charging the device. What’s more, you can also use the Marathon M3 to charge other mobile phones, which is quite impressive.


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